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    Foshan Gallas Large Building Materials Co., LTD.

    Foshan Gallas Large Building Materials Co., LTD. Is a professional production of interior and exterior aluminum curtain wall panel, aluminum ceiling panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, special-shaped ceiling, grille ceiling, special-shaped rectangular tube.With advanced processing equipment, exquisite production and processing technology, unremitting quality management and

    timely  thoughtful services.The products include strip board, square board, hanging board, grille, arc board and so on.It is widely used in major projects all over the country.

    The company's design and technical personnel have received professional training in curtain wall and interior design and construction, with internationally advanced metal curtain wall, metal ceiling design concept, have rich practical experience, internationally advanced ceiling technology development, obtained iso9001:2000 international quality system certification.Through the unremitting efforts of all the staff of the company, the brand awareness has been gradually expanded in the market, and the credibility has been rising year by year.

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    Area settlement of aluminum ve…
    Usually see the aluminum veneer sales staff and customers sign a single, often there will be customers asked the purchase of the curtain wall aluminum veneer area settlement problem. Is it according to the area on the engineering drawing after all settlement, still be according to the area of actual production processing production computation? This is a relatively important issue, directly related to the calculation of the contract amount, need to be clearly reflected in the contract.
    Generally speaking, the settlement of this area between the customer and the aluminum veneer manufacturer should be determined through consultation in advance. The settlement of aluminum veneer area is not based on the drawing area, but on the actual area of the customer's final demand. Of course, the aluminum veneer material needed in the aluminum veneer decoration project is not a direct supply to the customer, but in batches. So each batch of supply, manufacturers and customers should keep a good stub, and then as a whole area of settlement basis.
    There is also a need to point out that some aluminum veneer manufacturers in the customer agreement will be folded area calculation, and some aluminum veneer manufacturers will not be folded area calculation. Of course, the price may be slightly different, which requires customers and manufacturers to communicate. Although the area calculation and other things are not trivial, but enough to reflect an aluminum veneer manufacturers service level.
    Details determine the success or failure, responsible for the customer, but also responsible for the manufacturers themselves. In the area of aluminum veneer calculation, should be careful to deal with.
    The importance of good executi…
    What is execution? What is the importance of aluminum veneer enterprises? In this competitive society, aluminum veneer enterprises want to become bigger and stronger, we must consider the issue of execution.
    Execution refers to the operational ability to carry out the strategic intention and accomplish the predetermined target. For different groups, executive power is different embodiment, for individuals executive power is the strength of the ability to do things; For the team, execution is the fighting power; For an enterprise, execution is operational capability. It is mainly divided into three types, namely individual execution, team execution and dynamic execution.
    No matter what kind of enterprises, processing enterprises, r & d enterprises, good execution is an important guarantee for the success of action, and the lack of execution, it is sure to do well. Aluminum veneer enterprises belong to the processing enterprises, itself is the industry that requires action. Toyota once surpassed gm and other three local auto manufacturers in the American market. These three bosses found that the problem was not in the assembly line, machinery and equipment, but in the real execution. Toyota in Japan spent five years to achieve zero inventory and timely launch, and all suppliers trained together to achieve the same standard. It is implementation, not anything else, that makes Toyota strong.
    If the aluminum veneer enterprises lack of action, the service level will not keep up, the time limit can not meet the customer's requirements, samples sent not timely, thus directly affecting the aluminum veneer manufacturers order quantity and performance. If aluminum veneer enterprises really want to become bigger and stronger, to the international brand, the first is to improve the execution of the enterprise.
    However, when aluminum veneer enterprises demand good execution, they need to have a premise, that is, the decision of the enterprise management or leadership is relatively scientific and reasonable, rather than blindly formulate some unreasonable "plans", "strategies" and so on.
    The real reason for the poor p…
    In 2014, China's aluminum veneer industry is not very satisfactory, some people say that this national government's continuous anti-corruption led to the shutdown of some projects, the shutdown of natural no longer need such as aluminum veneer and other building decoration materials. At first glance, what the feeling says seems to be very reasonable, but actually the real reason behind is not so, anti-corruption just plays an accelerating role.
    The real reason for the poor performance of the aluminum veneer industry is that the overall economic situation in China is slowing down, showing a weak trend. The most immediate signs are slowing industrial growth and falling investment in sectors such as real estate, while the government has shown relative calm and refrained from massive stimulus. The weak domestic economy contributed directly to the weak reading of the peak season in the aluminum market in September and October. Many aluminum processors reported an increase in orders since the end of August, but at an annual rate. The real estate industry is a large consumer of aluminum veneer products, holiday decline, inventory can not be eliminated, all these make aluminum veneer appeared peak season not prosperous phenomenon.
    Of course, the weak domestic economy is the most important reason for the aluminum veneer industry, aluminum veneer enterprises order volume is the most direct performance. Of course, another reason is the number of domestic aluminum veneer enterprises, production capacity is too exuberant, the market competition is fierce, so that some aluminum veneer enterprises can not borrow orders. Of course, only to learn more about the latest aluminum market, in order to make the most in line with the development of aluminum veneer enterprise decision.
    Aluminum veneer enterprise pos…
    Growing up, we all know the importance of setting goals. Goal is the guiding light of life, with it, do things more planned, work more efficient, more positive attitude. For enterprises, they must also have their own goals, which is its positioning problem, what is the future development direction of the enterprise, only to find the correct positioning, all the problems and decisions of the enterprise as long as around the accurate positioning to solve.
    No matter all walks of life, enterprises need to find their own enterprise positioning, aluminum veneer enterprises are no exception. Many aluminum veneer processing enterprises in the beginning of the establishment of their own position as the metal curtain wall construction materials manufacturers and providers. I have a small opinion, not that such positioning is inaccurate or unreasonable, just the goal is not long enough. Aluminum veneer enterprises should not only position themselves as a decorative materials processing and supply side, such positioning is a bit low, but should be positioned to enhance the architectural taste of the building materials enterprises.
    It's not easy to settle down and rest easy. You need to do something around this goal. Every piece of aluminum veneer products are precise, beautiful, excellent quality, to meet the real needs of customers. Of course, this initial process may be difficult, but aluminum veneer enterprises only set a long-term goal, and continue to work hard for it, one day the cottage aluminum veneer enterprises may also grow into international enterprises.
    Brand, quality, price which do…
    After one year of working experience, small make up from many customers summed up their favorite questions, and these three questions are mainly composed of three blocks, aluminum veneer quality, price, brand. For example, after the customer gave us a general situation will ask the price, and for example, what brand are you, can you stick which brand? How many years does your aluminum veneer package last? I am used to being asked this question almost every day, but I still answer every question carefully.
    So by the customer asked so many questions, small make up here to ask a, the majority of customers you pay the most attention to that piece? If that's the choice, I'm afraid a lot of people would like to take it. But then I will give you an analysis of which one is more important?
    First is the quality, of course this is very important, like fluorocarbon spraying and polyester spraying is directly related to the quality, aluminum plate is the national standard aluminum or aluminum recycling is also very critical, so the quality is undoubtedly the most important, because the quality directly involved in the price. Since ancient times quality and price are inseparable, a price a goods, the sky did not fall down the pie, this is the ancestor said. Of course, also do not rule out a lot of bad business to take the quality of the poor to deceive customers, only to do a hammer of the sale of the people. The quality is directly related to the quality of the project, so there is no doubt that the quality and price can not be abandoned.
    To the brand, as the saying goes, believe in the power of the brand, in fact, this statement is too subjective, the brand is made, do more advertising brand out of nature. In the aluminum industry is actually very transparent price, the workmanship is also very transparent, everyone is doing so, so the brand can be diluted. But the quality is not diluted, then we can finally summarize, quality price is we should pay attention to.
    How to maintain "aluminum subs…
    Aluminum alloy plate is also commonly known as "aluminum substrate" is the main material for processing and making aluminum veneer, must have excellent quality, which is one of the important guarantees of high quality aluminum veneer quality. So, how should maintain this kind of aluminium alloy plate this kind of raw material?
    Now aluminum veneer manufacturers due to the size of the limited, generally will not produce their own aluminum alloy plate directly, but from the professional aluminum enterprise purchase. As a result of the link of the experience is more, so must pay attention to the protection of these aluminum alloy plate.
    Above all, in the process of transportation, must cover good aluminium sheet with thick cloth, prevent the infiltration of rain and snow to cause corrosion of the sheet.
    Secondly, in the process of aluminum plate handling, be sure to gently handle the light, to prevent collision caused by the appearance of bruises, affect the decorative effect of the surface.
    Third, the storage environment must be the focus of attention, aluminum alloy plate and chemical materials and humid materials are prohibited to store together, storage space must be ventilated, bright, dry, non-corrosive climate.
    Finally, in the storage, it is recommended that aluminum veneer manufacturers can put the small standard on the shelf, the large standard aluminum plate is best with mat wood and separated from the ground.

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